Chant & Crown

Chants are evil.

Chants are enemies.

Once, they tried to kill us all.

It's a lesson the Kingdoms of Trestlewen thought they learned centuries ago. 

Prince Aylan and his brother Ezrick are going to learn it now. 

When Ezrick is nearly killed in a devastating attack on their kingdom by Chants (people possessing magic), the estranged brothers are forced to confront their issues with each other, forging a dangerous bond through love and pain. What follows is a transformative coming-of-age, with rule-breaking, forbidden friendships, and romance trespassing outside the bounds of social class. 

But darkness is falling; Chant war is on the horizon, and secrets of the brothers' past have come back to haunt them. Soon a troubling discovery has them lying to their own Court, for reasons behind the attack are far graver than their Courtiers believe. Ezrick and Aylan are more alone than ever, and it's only a matter of time before everything goes wrong. Because the very thing which brought them together, will destroy their entire world.

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