Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Tagged by @roselinproductions - thanks!a - age: 34b - biggest fear: In writing - that I can’t write...

Tagged by @roselinproductions - thanks!

a - age: 34

b - biggest fear: In writing - that I can’t write the book in my head; In life - that I lived it wrong.

c - current time: 8:29 PM PST

d - drink you last had: Dasani pineapple sparkling water!

e - every day starts with: Stretching in bed, sleepily shrugging on my robe, making espresso, and drinking coffee in bed.

f - favorite song: Deadmau5 ‘Strobe’ changed my life.

g - ghosts, are they real?: A spirit once sat on my bed and giggled.

h - hometown: Anacortes, WA

i - in love with: Yuri!!! on Ice, Asics, coffee, dark chocolate, Seattle, chopsticks, my family & my co-workers

j - jealous of: my siblings’ blonde hair ( I’m the only brunette ;_; )

k - killed someone: you’ll have to read Chant & Crown to find out

l - last time you cried: See line j 

m - middle name: I have one

n - number of siblings: 3

o - one wish: To write the books I’m meant to write

p - person you last called/texted: Silvy bug

q - question you’re always asked: “You’ve never been camping?” 

r - reasons to smile: family, writing, books, life with my sisters LOL

s - song last sang: Happy Birthday

t - time you woke up: 6:03 AM

u - underwear color: :p

v - vacation destination: Greece


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