Thursday, March 9, 2017

‘Meeting Writers’ meme

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How old are you? 34

What are you talented at? Writing - it’s definitely my favorite hobby and what I’ve most practiced. One of my favorite exercises is finding the juiciest scenarios for characters that test and push them to the limits, revealing who they truly are.

What is a big goal you are working toward (or have already achieved)?
The release of my second YA novel, Chant and Crown coming out this year! My first book Prince Ezrick and the Morpheäs Curse came out a while ago and features a few crossover characters. The two books stand completely apart however, and exist in different universes.

What’s your aesthetic? 
Me: black, adidas, asics, long hair, North Face, plaid flanel. I’m very Seattle.
My books: royal courts, secrets, siblings, messed up relationships, love, power, magic, evil, danger, death, loyalty, lies.

Do you collect anything? I have ~110 books. A few Harry Potter & Sherlock Funko dolls, and two Japanese Nendoroids.

What’s a topic you always talk about? Writing, Harry Potter, books, theatre, food, Sherlock, and writing!

What’s a pet peeve of yours? When my outline fails and I start writing without a solid end in mind. Agh! The right scenes come together, but getting there is nerve-wracking.

Good advice to give? When I’m stuck I refocus on my main characters, themes, conflicts, and their desires. I also love this advice. It literally yells at you about why your writing is weak = “You didn’t put the most important word at the end of the sentence!” From Your Screenplay Sucks by William M. Akers.

What are three songs you’d recommend? “All Is Love” by Björk; “Rise” by Katy Perry from the 2016 Olympics anthem; “Death Note” soundtrack

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