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πŸ–Š️ Go Teen Writers  |  Great writing articles. All the links...

πŸ–Š️ Go Teen Writers  |  Great writing articles. All the links below ⬇️️

Writing a Novel From Beginning to End Series:
Finding the way YOU write a novel
How do you know if your story idea is THE idea?
How should a book start?
How do I make sure my book has the right kind of main character?
How to make sure your novel has the right cast.
What’s the best way to plot a novel?
Tips for writers who don’t work well with outlines
How to Write a Great First Scene
How Should Chapter One End?
How To Write Chapters Two and Three of Your Novel
Writing The Middle of Your Book: Test #1
How to Let Your Characters Move The Story Forward
How to Write A Big Middle Scene
When You’re Stuck In Your First Draft
Sending Your Characters Back Home
Why Your Novel Needs An “All Is Lost” Moment
How To Set Up Your Character’s Final Test
Writing The Climax Of Your Story: Your Character’s Final Test

How To Get In The Way of Good Ideas
How Do You Organize Your Story Ideas?
Story Brainstorming Questions


Character Archetypes
Creating Compelling Characters: The Character Chart
Creating Compelling Characters: Using roles from dramatica
Creating Compelling Characters: Using Dialect
Creating Compelling Characters: Tags and Titles
Backstory, Goals, and Motivation
How to Make The Not-So-Evil Villain Work For Your Story
How to Write Good Bad Guys
How to Write Your Character’s Thoughts
5 Ways to Make The Most of Your Character’s Best Friend
How to Avoid Creating Repeat Characters
How to Reinforce Your Character’s Lie
Characters Who Are Broken and Beautiful
Why You Need to Find Your Character’s Tipping Point
How to Give Secondary Characters A Life…Without Them Taking Over
Character Traits: Love Languages
Your Character In One Word
Identifying Your Character’s Strengths
Identifying Your Character’s Weaknesses
How Do You Know If You’re Starting In The Right Place For Your Character?
Choosing Names For your Characters
7 Ways To Grow Your Character’s Relationships
4 Ways to Make Your Heroine Stronger
How to Effectively Test Your Characters
Does Your Character Have Six Things That Need Fixing?
Writing Great Villains

Understanding the Three-Act Structure
How to Build A Romance Thread: Tangled Style
How to Develop Your Story Idea Into A List of Key Scenes - Part One and Part Two
Is There More Than One Plot Type?
5 Ways To Make A Series Work
7 Things You Need In The Beginning of a Story
Creating Story Twists and Ripples
Plotting the Quest Novel: Dora Style
Writing the Action/Fight Scene
How to Write a Sequel
What I Learned From Deconstructing a Novel
How to Pace a Big Reveal In Your Novel
The Romance Formula
Two ingredients For a Great First Chapter
Writing the Cream: Techniques for Making It Through The Middle of Your Story

Storyworld Building: Creating the History
Storyworld Building: Worlds Within Our World
Creating the Government
Creating the World
Types of Magic
Creating the Civilization
Creating Technology
Creating Religion
Creating the Magic
Keeping Track Of It All
Integrating Your Storyworld
Worldbuilding For a Historical: Gathering What You Need

Writing Techniques
Describing Through a Character’s Interest
Pros and Cons of Plotting and Pantsing
Emotion Beats in Your Dialogue
How to Show Your Story Rather Than Telling It
When Is It Okay To Tell Rather Than Show In My Story?
8 Tips For Creating Great Description
Why Should I Not Use Adverbs?
How to Show Transitions in Time
5 Tips for Finishing Your First Draft
How to Come Up With a Cool Title
How to Cope When You’re Stuck In Your First Draft
Does My Book Need a Prologue?
Does My Book Need An Epilogue?
How To Show Your Story In The First Sentence
Dialogue Tags vs. Action Beats
How Bad Can A Useful Bad First Draft Be?

Keeping Your Rewrite Organized
What Does the Editing Process Look Like With a Traditional Publishing House?How to Edit As You Write Your First Draft
How to Edit Your Novel In Layers
How to Edit Your Novel In Layers: The Big Picture of Your Scene
Editing in Layers: Drawing Out Emotion and Tension
Editing in Layers: 7 Things to Search For In Your Manuscript
How to Add To Your Plot After You’ve Finished Your First Draft
Six Reasons to Take Six Weeks Off From Your First Draft
How Long Should a Micro Edit Take?
How Do I Know When I’m Done With My Book?
Questions To Ask When Editing Scenes

Punctuation and Grammar Rules
Punctuation 101: Dialogue Tags
Punctuation 101: The Comma
Punctuation 101: The Colon
Punctuation 101: The Semicolon
Punctuation 101: Quotation Marks
Punctuation 101: Apostrophes
Punctuation 101: Dashes and Ellipses
Punctuation 101: Numbers

Professional Matters
How To Use Track Changes
8 Tips For Getting What You Want
The Publishing Process - Part One and Part Two
What Teen Writers Should Know About Pitching Their Book
Publishing 101: How Do You Get a Book Published?
High Concept Pitches
Why I’ve Decided to Stop Setting Writing Goals
A Day In the Life of an Agent
How To Give a Good Critique
Preparing To Get Your Manuscript Critiqued

Worksheets, Lists, and Checklists
Jill’s Character Worksheet
Scene Plotting Chart For One Point of View and Two Points of View
Self-Editing Checklist
A Timeline Tool
Self-Editing Dialogue Checklist
Character Traits Brainstorming List
Character Phobias Brainstorming List
Character Hobbies and Skills Brainstorming List
Weasel Words and Phrases
Historical Periods

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