Thursday, February 9, 2017

“Can I have my book back?”  Ezrick eyed his now slobbery,...

“Can I have my book back?”
  Ezrick eyed his now slobbery, chewed-up copy of The Sable Liege, which Mildred the Hex Hound was lying on. Aylan had confiscated it after asking if Ezrick was wearing his Amulet and Ezrick rolled his eyes, grumbling: “Why wouldn’t I be when you threaten to throw me in the Dungeon if I ever take it off?” 

  Aylan shot him a scathing look. Mildred dug her claws into the book’s cover, eyes agleam.

Excerpt from Chant and Crown. Copyright © 2014 by Jordan McMakin

ISBN:  978-0-9764184-2-9

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